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Posted on 15 Feb, 2013

Heartland Gourmet Hunt - Braised Meat Noodles

美食春之屋 Bukit Merah View Market and Food Centre Blk 115 Bukit Merah View #01-56   Braised Meat Noodles $3.00 Add on: Braised Chicken Feet $1.50 for 2pcs Braised Meat! I love them! Why? Coz' that has been part of my eating culture since a...

Posted on 1 Jun, 2012

Adorn your Skin with Henna Art

The art of applying henna on your hands, arms, feet and toes is readily available here in Singapore.  Artists abound and are not confined to Little India. I came across one during a corporate event of a friend who...

Posted on 3 Dec, 2012

Random Finds Randomly 1

Take a walk around your neighbourhood some day; you may be surprised by what you can find in that corner you may have forgotten about. Just take a look at what we found: We know Angry Bird is the craze these days, Angry Bird cable car, Angry Bird ang ...

Hi Singapore Heartlanders

Welcome to the new My Heartland Singapore
The heartland Singapore team aims to bring you abreast with as much information for a better appreciation of heartland living. Why? Simply because Singapore is more than a tiny island crammed with shopping malls after shopping malls.  There is much to be seen, heard and done in this multi-racial nation.  
Beyond the tourist spots and man-made attractions is a rich heritage waiting to be seen in a new light. Underneath this modern pulsating city, there beats the real Singapore propelled by the complex mix of the new and the old, of traditions and technology, of three diverse cultures, tongues, and religions. 
From an events page that carried solely Heartland Fiesta updates --roadshows, activities and promotions covering Eat, Shop and Play promotions, the site has evolved and is now ready to stay and become an exciting one-stop information portal on heartland living. Keeping this same spirit of Heartland Fiesta, My Heartland Singapore, as an online magazine will continue to carry three sections, Eat, Shop and Play
The three sections speak for themselves as Singapore would always be a food destination with its unwavering obsession on food, shopping and happenings.  My Heartland Singapore will not only focus on the local food scene, as we aim to help you please not only your palates but also your pockets, as we help you find good bargains and great entertainment mainly found in the heartlands. Consider this site as your portal to the genuine Singapore.  
At My Heartland Singapore, you will also be delighted with our directory of food stalls found in hawker centres. The food outlets have been compiled by our team of researchers providing you with a comprehensive collection of indigenous food providers. 
We hope you find this site useful. We welcome you to comment and send in your reviews and share your recommendations.