Who are we?

Singapore has always been known as a shoppers' paradise with its numerous modern shopping malls - from Orchard road to Marina bay - whether it's designer T-shirts or limited edition watches, you are sure to find it all.

However, shopping in Singapore has another face, one that is closer to its citizens' hearts and more culturally rich.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Heartland Dining, Shopping, and Events - where sandals (slippers even!) replace high heels and short pants are the preferred fashion choice.

It is where as Singaporeans gather to conduct their everyday needs in a very Singaporean way. It is a side of Singapore not easily seen, one that has been neglected in favor of more glamorous attractions. It is a heritage and deserves to be shared to the world.

With that said, this website exists to promote the many Heartland Shopping malls to both tourists but also to Singapore's youth. The efforts of exceptional individuals with a common sentiment and goal, this website will aggressively promote neighborhood retail and heartland charm.

Where else can you shop for unique products, enjoy exquisite authentic Singapore cuisine, appreciate our diverse races, religions and languages all while in the comfort of shorts! Where else can you find great bargains, chatty retailers and warm smiles all around?

Whether you are traveling to Singapore for the first time or a seasoned sandal destroyer, all are invited to the many heartlands if Singapore, where you will get to know about us…