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Year 2012


20 July    Shinmin Daily News, 促销期只剩1周

15 July   The New Paper, Perfect, 10 cents: Heartland promotion draw crowds

15 July    Lianhe Zabao, ”吃喝玩乐在邻里“ 七邻里举行 一角銭促销掀抢购热潮

15 July    Lianhe Wanbao”吃喝玩乐在邻里“活动 - 1毛钱榴莲泡 15分钟就卖完

13 July    Shinmin Daily News, 1毛钱大热卖 掀热潮

12 July   The New Paper, Heartland Promotion: Get a 10-cent haircut

12 July   Today online, More 10-cent deals in heartlands

12 July   Lianhe Wanbao, 赔钱搞促销商家今年多一倍 - 鸡蛋苹果理发统统只收1角

11 July   My Paper (Chinese),  7大邻里搞10 促销 亏本生一意为何年年办   

11 July   Shinmin Daily News, “吃喝玩乐在邻里“ 居民用1角钱可买鸡蛋水果

06 July   Shinmin Daily News, 吃喝玩乐在邻里又来了!

05 July   Channel 8 (6.30pm) 

29 June  Shinmin Daily News, 吃喝玩乐在邻里又来了!

23 June  Today, Heartland shops are fighting back


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