Heartland Mascot Family

Yummy aka Father, symbolizes the Paper hand-sign in the household game of scissors, paper and stone. He is also representative of the stomach rubbing hand gesture we make from a full and satisfying meal.

He is hardworking, cheerful and knowledgeable. Good food is the love of his life and he is a great food gourmet. He likes to share his wealthy knowledge of heartland delicacies.

Sparkly aka Mother, symbolizes the Stone hand-sign. She is representative of the fist clenching action of a shopper holding her shopping bag.

She is loving, smart and confident. She takes good care of the family and is an expert bargain hunter. She is constantly on the lookout for good-buys in the heartland.

Jolly aka Son, symbolizes the Scissors hand-sign. He is also representative of the Victory sign of joy and pride.

Jolly is creative, outgoing and healthy. He loves making friends and bringing joy to everyone around him. He can always be seen playing and having fun in the heartland

Quick Facts

Dream: To be the greatest gourmet in Singapore and an ambassador of heartland delicacies.

Motto: Good food are meant to be shared!

Hobbies: Savoring food good, reading, exercising and spending quality time with his family

Quick Facts

Dream: To open her own shop offering the best shopping deals

Motto: Follow me for the real deal!

Hobbies: Shopping, doing housework and cooking for the family

Quick Facts

Dream: To represent Singapore for an international sporting event

Motto: Study Hard, Play Hard!

Hobbies: Reading, sports and playing with his neighborhood buddies