Adorn your Skin with Henna Art

Posted on 1 Jun, 2012 | Shop Magazine

The art of applying henna on your hands, arms, feet and toes is readily available here in Singapore.  Artists abound and are not confined to Little India.

I came across one during a corporate event of a friend who was works in telecoms. I was surprised that she wasn’t Indian. Not that the skill need to be limited to one race. It was one of things that I naturally associated with Indian weddings and assumed that most henna artists were of Indian descent. Totally wrong.

Henna art as a traditional art form meant for celebrations is a fairly common offering during parties and family gatherings here in Singapore.  Women enhance their beauty when celebrating festivals, , weddings, and even births. I think brides adorn themselves to bring luck in the marriage.

The idea of selecting a design on your skin was thrilling without the hassle of being permanent and having to endure an interrogation from mom. Henna is a great compromise  if you are thinking of a almost having a tattoo. I like the swirls, paisley, curls and flowers. The artist says the stains are darkest where skin is thickest and they stay longest where skin is also thickest.

For the design below, the artist took about 5 to 6 minutes.  To keep the colors from fading, make sure you cover the area with some protection from water and soap.

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