Are you into Street Photography?

Posted on 15 May, 2012 | Play Magazine

Do you fancy going out in the streets  and chasing fleeting moments? Is lugging around your DSLR camera on your neck your cup of tea? Are you fearless enough to go out in the fierce heat of the sun, under a downpour and even upon an abrasive subject?  Head on to street photography!

While there are a wide array of specializations in photography, what I think is the most gut wrenching would always be street photography as it smacks of street journalism. Every shot you take is a combination of a sheer tenacity, luck and photography skills. You don’t control your room, your lights, your subject even! The only weapons you have to make a great shot are your eyes,  presence of mind and swift finger and of course your trusty camera.

We take a page from the Invisible Photography Asia, which defines street photography as “an observation by means of a camera of daily public life, where the muse of the observer is, most often, the common man and his environment.”  Now isn’t that a what we have always craved to do when go jaunting in our travels,  be they in the beach or the local attraction. To be able to freeze time and hold it forever frozen.

Yes, street photography is about visual documentation where the scene and your subjects are all candid and not contrived. It is about being concise of everyday occurrences.

For those who are already enthralled with street photography there is an ongoing photo competition. Get to showcase your shutterbug mettle on this Asian street photography contest and showcase heartland living in Singapore.

Photo credit goes to Imelda Angeles Agorto, an avid street photographer based in Singapore.

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