Bookworms Keep the Earth Green

Posted on 5 Apr, 2012 | Shop Magazine


Doing their part to keep Earth  green, we have a zealous couple who have imbued their business with eco-friendly strategies. For these book entrepreneurs, doing theirs and their customers' part to help the planet sustainable is not just confined to the 3R’s : re-use, reduce and recycle

On its 20th year, Pro-Saint Book Store has been balancing their books and keeping a bevy of bookworms happy with its book rental scheme. For every book sold, the reader has the option to return the book and get a refund.

A brand new paperback novel "The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo" by Stieg Larsson which sells for $14 can be refunded for $9. In total, the book is rented out for a month for $5. 

Not bad. Readers are not asked to make the decision whether to keep or rent the book at the time of purchase. What is fun is that readers can opt to keep the book and keep only what they really like. Or they can go back to the bookstore and have a refund, if they do decide that the book isn’t worth being on their own shelves. 

This book rental scheme not only is a a great bargain but also a great way to help curb unwanted books. For book lovers who are trying out new genres or authors, this is really one of the best way to streamline their acquisition streaks. 

And for Madam Judy Ho and Mr. Alley Ong, owners of the bookstore, it’s a good way to keep their patrons happy to keep coming back for more. For earth, not only is the practice of throwing unwanted stuff reduced, overall more readers become green. 


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