Choosing a pet for your child

Posted on 20 Mar, 2012 | Shop Magazine

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 At some point as a parent you will encounter this junction with your child, whether a boy or a girl, requesting a pet of his/her own. Taking on the care of an animal can teach a child how to be responsible and be aware of the needs of others. Having a pet is a live-in nature lesson.

Some kids are ready for the big real pets, like rabbits, dogs, and cats. they are more prepared mainly because they grew up having them around. While some kids are not as lucky and may need to take things at a slower pace. It is best to choose a pet that is naturally mild-mannered and easy to handle.  Pet proprietor at Heisenberg Pet & Aquarium suggests fighting fishes are ideal first pets. "These fishes are hardy, they don't die easily and you just need to change water." The starter tank is actually a small clear cup where the fish can stay for months. 
So take a trip to Serangoon North Village, Singapore’s pet world to help determine what pet is most appropriate and help your child be prepared for the responsibility. 
Fish, Turtles, Prawns 
  • Heisenberg Pet & Aquarium Centre Blk 154 #01-418 
                 Fighting fishes at $3, 5, 8 
                 Red-Eared Slider Turtles $2 
  • The Little Pet Shop Blk 154 #01-422  
  • Good Luck Aquarium  Blk 152 #1-300
  • Atlantis Aquarium #01-424 Blk 154 #01-424
  • Goodwill Birds Trading Blk 154 #01-428 
  • Chua’s Pets Trading #01-157 Blk 151
  • Happy Paws Pte Ltd Blk 154 #01-390 
  • Pet Station Holding Pte Ltd #01-508  Blk 153
Others (Rabbits, Hamsters, Gerbils, Guinea pigs or chinchilla)
  • House of Chinchilla Blk 154 #1-406 

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