Enjoying a Cuppa? Know your brew lingo

Posted on 5 Mar, 2012 | Eat Magazine
For an instant perk-me-up, Singaporeans head to the coffeeshop (kopitiam). But what may be a casual way of getting your buzz, can be a quite confusing for the uninitiated. Mumbling latte or frappocino just won't work on kopi  (coffee) Auntie/Uncle. How to enjoy a cup of brew the heartland way? Just go over the kopi jargon and order your cuppa.
Across kopitiams in Singapore, the norm is coffee served with a liberal amount of condensed milk. If you want to make any changes, you need to add more words to your order. Know your brew lingo if you want to get what you really want.  
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                                          Sugar              Milk                       Coffee                Temperature      

kopi                                    none               condensed         normal                hot
kopi-o                                 normal            none                   normal                hot
kopi-o-kosong                  none               none                    normal                hot
kopi-kosong                      normal            none                   normal                hot
kopi-C                                 none               evaporated        normal                hot
kopi peng                           none               condensed        normal              cold
kopi-o-peng                       normal           none                    normal              cold
kopi-o-kosong-peng        normal           none                    thick                   cold
kopi-C-peng-kosong       none               evaporated         normal              cold
kopi-siew-dai                    less                condensed         normal              hot
kopi-gau                             none              condensed         none                  hot
kopi-po                               none              condensed         weak                  hot
kopi-o-po                           normal           none                    weak                  hot
kopi gah dai           
kopi tarik                         

  S S S M M M C C C T T
  none less normal condensed evaporated none thick normal weak cold hot
kopi x     x       x     x
kopi-o     x     x   x     x
kopi-o-kosong x         x   x     x
kopi-kosong     x     x   x     x
kopi-C x       x     x     x
kopi peng x     x       x   x  
kopi-o-peng     x     x   x   x  
kopi-o-kosong-peng     x     x x     x  
kopi-C-peng-kosong x       x     x   x  
kopi-siew-dai   x   x       x     x
kopi-gau x     x     x       x
kopi po x     x       x     x
kopi-o-po     x     x     x   x
kopi tarik                      

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