Frozen Tender Loving Care

Posted on 4 Apr, 2012 | Eat Magazine

Who could have known that on a cold, rainy day one could end up having a frozen delight for snacks. While visiting a colleague of mine in Sunset Way, a bright red signage beckoned. Curious and eager to give in to that gelato allure, I saw, I came and was conquered.

Italian for “frozen”, gelato is not only cut above all other frozen desserts.  It boasts of not only satisfying your frosty cravings for but also for not being the cause of getting fat. Technically, gelatos have a range of only  four to eight % fat content versus 14% for ice cream. With less fat, there is less guilt.

And that is actually how you can tell the difference between genuine gelato from ice cream or from pseudo gelatos. The real deal is that, “you scoop up a soft, smooth, creamy texture”, instead of an icy finish. 

Catering to a range of cold and creamy desserts, from gelato, sorbet to yogurt. Using real fruits, vegetables and roots help bring out the best variations in the natural tastes of the fruits in season. The outlet serves 32 flavours at a single time with more than 88 flavours rotated accordingly. Consistent best sellers include durian, avocado, jet black, XO Cranberry and even beer.

Now, this is what I call TLC!


Gelato Art @ Sunset Way 
Blk 105 Clementi St 12, #01-16, (S) 120105
Tel +65 97346243

Wed, Thurs & Sun, 2PM to 9PM 
Fri, Sat & eve of Public Holidays, 2PM to 11PM

Cost: $3 per scoop, $8.50 with Belgium waffle

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