Heartland Dating Ideas for under $30

Posted on 11 Feb, 2012 | Play Magazine


Who says romance is expensive? There is no excuse for Valentines to be missed. Grab your date, wish for a great weather and be adventurous. Be imaginative and break that typical date routine.

Go beyond movies and dinner. If you are ready to try out something new here's 6 date ideas for under $30.

1. Go Kayaking

If your spouse, special someone or girlfriend can swim and is game to trying something wet and unexpected, then a canoe ride can be a memorable experience. Part of the fun is seeing your partner paddle with you in perfect harmony. Before before heading out and renting a canoe, do check for good weather all throughout the day.

  • Activity: kayaking
  • Venue: MacRitchie Reservoir Park
  • Website: www.scf.org.sg
  • Cost : $15 (one leisure boat for one hour)

2. Explore the rustic countryside

Share quality time with your partner in a farm in Kranji. Together you could pick your own veggies and in the process gain some knowledge how food is sourced.

  • Activity: Farm Produce Harvesting
  • Venue: Kranji district
  • Website: www.farmart.com.sg
  • Website: www.hausmann-aqua.com

3. Create Memories in other Islands

Choose any of the nearby islands in Singapore, like Pulau Ubin, Kusu or Lazarus Island. Pack a light fruit snack (apples, grapes, mangoes or strawberries and sparkling water). Trek your way around the islets with your partner.

  • Activity: Trekking
  • Venue:  Pulau UbinKusu, St. John, Sisters’ or Lazarus Island
  • Website: www.islandcruise.com.sg
  • Cost:  $15 ferry ride per passenger

4. Go Fish

You can suggest to your date either to have a quiet moment fishing for prawns or getting your feet cleaned by fishes. A visit to Bottle Tree in Yishun or any other fishing area  will mean precious moments where you can be away from the madding crowd.

  • Activity: Fishing
  • Website: www.fishingparadise.com.sg
  • Cost : $25

For a unique foot clean up, get a pampering with a session of tiny fishes gently nibbling dead skin from your feet.

  • Activity: Fish spa
  • Website: www.farmart.com.sg
  • Cost: $10 for 30 minutes and 30 cents per minute
  • Website: www.hausmann-aqua.com
  • Cost: $6 for 15 minutes; $10 for 30 minutes

5. Learn A New Dish

Sign up for a one-day workshop to learn how to cook her/his favourite dish. Make learning fun by bringing your partner in tow. And later in the week try out cooking the recipe together.

  • Activity: Training & Cooking together
  • Provider: Prima Cooking Workshop
  • Website: primataste.com.sg
  • Cost: $20 per entry
  • Provider: Phoon Huat Cooking/Baking Demonstration
  • Website: www.phoonhuat.com
  • Cost : $15 per entry

6. On Top of the World




Set the mood right by viewing a romantic sunset. What better way a view of the setting sun by visit to Jurong Hill. Watch how the sun goes down across the horizon unobstructed by skyscrapers.  Toss in a light picnic dinner on the scenic hill. 

  • Activity: Picnic
  • Venue: Jurong Hill
  • Cost: Free

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