Heartland Gourmet Hunt - Butter Chicken and Naan

Posted on 23 Nov, 2012 | Eat Magazine

Al-Ameen Eating Corner

30 Woodlands Ave1

#01-10 The Woodgrove


Butter Chicken $7

Plain Naan $1.20

This is what I need on a hot afternoon! Lovely butter chicken with naan. Savory, creamy sauce, tender chunks of chicken, aromatic herbs, fluffy and light naan to hold that thick sauce.

Imagine the fluffy naan, half covered with the warm creamy sauce and with chucks of chicken in between; all these in your mouth and the warm sauce sliding down your throat.

Ahhhh… Heavenly…. Perhaps with a cup of teh tarik or ice cold Milo to wash it down.

Drooling already? Indulge in this once in a while! *Not too often though. Not quite friendly on that waistline*

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