Heartland Gourmet Hunt - Cantonese Dumpling

Posted on 25 Jan, 2013 | Eat Magazine

Mei Heong Yuen Dessert

65-67 Temple Street

Kreta Ayer Conservation Area


Cantonese Dumpling $5.50

I have never had a Cantonese Dumpling before. All I ever had were the usual dumpling my Granny makes or sold outside or the nyonya dumpling which I quite like as well. 

And so the greedy me decided to stretch my belly somemore and give this Cantonese Dumpling a try. Boy was I glad that I tried!

The warm and soft glutinous rice is mixed with a powdery yellow bean paste. This makes the texture very unique and also not as sinful and filling as eating the usual dumpling. 

Spilt the dumpling open and you will notice generous helping of fatty meat, big chunks of mushrooms, salted egg yorks and chestnuts. The fragrance of all the ingredients shoots up your nostrils when the dumpling is split. The glutinous rice is infused with the distinct flavour of the meat, and though the fatty meat may look scary to some people, it complements the dumpling really well. It doesn't leave a oily feeling in your mouth and the fatty part simply melts in the mouth. The chestnut is soft and powdery, the chunky mushroom is so fragrant and chewy, the salted egg york is powdery and not hard. All this adds exceptional texture and flavour to this Cantonese Dumpling.

One big bite into the dumpling and you will want more of it!

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