Heartland Gourmet Hunt - Japanese Food!

Posted on 7 Dec, 2012 | Eat Magazine


Megumi Japanese Restaurant
Blk 106 Clemeti St 12 (Sunset Way)
UFO maki $12
8 pieces per serving
I "heart" Japanese food! It's not easy to find a good one in the heartland. We chanced upon Megumi Japanese Restaurant during an event and got the opportunity to try their food. The rest is history.
This place is like a hidden gem. A quiet spot in a neighbourhood. A perfect place to have a quiet lunch with a few good buddies.
We were addicted to their UFO maki. It's a warm sushi, unlike those usual cold ones. Warm sushi rice is being wrapped around deep fried salmon and crab stick roll. The outer is covered with roe that explodes into exciting flavours when you bite into it. Dipped the sushi into the soy sauce and send it into your mouth. *Ahhhhhh... I am in heaven*
There is this satisfaction when one puts the whole piece of sushi into the mouth (Provided your mouth is big like mine!). The flavour and different texture dances around in your mouth. Soft and warm on the outside and crispy on the inside.
Wash on this down with a cup of hot green tea and wa-la.. Perfect meal!
This is one dish that I will always order whenever I am there. And I will definitely be back to try other dishes!

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