Heartland Gourmet Hunt - Lor Mee

Posted on 14 Dec, 2012 | Eat Magazine

137 Lor Mee

Tampines Round Market and Food Centre

Blk 137 Tampines St 11



Hokkien Lor Mee $2.50/$3.50

When we say Lor Mee, one would usually think of thick black gravy, yellow noodles, braised hard boiled egg, bits and pieces of sliced meat and what not. And sorry to say, I am one of those who hates these type of Lor Mee. I don't like the taste, the noodles and definitely not the ingredients involved. I can say I have not eaten a single bowl of Lor Mee in years, until I came across this stall.

Their signboard says Hokkien Lor Mee, and being a Hokkien, I was curious of what a Hokkien Lor Mee taste and look like. I ordered one and I was addicted!

Being a kway teow lover, I ordered my Lor Mee with kway teow. The gravy is not as dark as what I had before. It is light and slightly starchy. Topped with a generous helping of raw minced garlic, chili and a dash of vinegar, the pungent garlic and vinegary smell hits you first when the bowl is serve. Give the noodles a good mix and you will noticed that only Fried fish and half a braised hard boiled egg is being served with the Lor Mee. 

The light gravy with the soft, warm kway teow, the pungency of the garlic and vinegar and slightly spiciness of the chili is the perfect start to a beautiful day. The fish is fried to perfectness. The batter is not that thick and you can still taste the freshness of the fish. Wash down all this with a cup of Teh and you are good to go!

But if you are going for a important date, it may be a good idea to skip this Lor Mee for the time being. The pungency of the garlic tends to linger in your mouth for quite a while (translation: GARLIC BREATH!). And, if you are not a lover of Coriander, it will be better to remind the assistant to skip that (if not you will be having a hard time trying to pick the leaves out of the gravy). 

Also, if you are dropping by during the weekend, be prepared to spend some time looking for a parking space, looking for a empty seat (or be prepared to share a table with strangers) and to stay in queue for a while. The Hawker Centre and Market is often pretty packed during the weekends.

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