Heartland Gourmet Hunt - Pumpkin Cakes

Posted on 11 Jan, 2013 | Eat Magazine

Mei Heong Yuen Dessert

65-67 Temple Street

Kreta Ayer Conservation Area


Pumpkin Cake $2.50

Pumpkin cakes. What's so special about it? Well... Nothing special to most people. It's just another type of snack to fill the tummies. I was one of those "most people" till I chanced upon this pumpkin cake. It leaves me craving for more each time I am there and dreaming of those melt-in-mouth pumpkin cakes when I am hungry.

What's so special about it then? The first look at the pumpkin cake and you may think, cheyyyyy... Just another piece of pumpkin cake. You are wrong!

Take one bite of the pumpkin cake, and wooooooo..... It literally melts in the mouth. You simply need to use the top of your tongue and lightly push the pumpkin cake against the top of your mouth and wa-la! The pumpkin cake just melts!

The lightly toasted sesame seeds, chunks of pumpkin, mushroom bits and dried shrimps (hei bee) explodes with flavor and adds texture to this yummy cake.

This pumpkin cake is still good even when it's cold. It doesn't have the hard outer layer that some pumpkin cake have.

So why not, grab some when you are in the vicinity! You won't regret!

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