Keeping the Lemons in the Kitchen

Posted on 28 May, 2012 | Shop Magazine

The Lemon Law is here to stay and hopefully revisions to the relevant laws can ensure lemons do stay in kitchens. By September 1 when the Lemon Law starts to take effect, remember as a consumer, you have four ways of dealing with your retailer after buying a defective item. Remember the 4 R's of Lemon: Repair, Replace, Reduce -- and the last resort Refund.

Within six months of buying the item, you can claim for the item first to be repaired. If this is not applicable or does not work, the next recourse is Replace. Retailers can offer that the lemon bye replaced by a new item. If this is still no agreement reached, consumers and retailers can opt to have a reduction of price. For example, the  item which you may have bought a defective headphone for  $45 is now reduced to $20. If that is you rejected the initial offer of a replacement.

And if a reduction of price is not enough, then consumers can ask for a Refund.

But if all else fails, the first forum for a resolution is with CASE. Escalating the disagreement further is going to the Small Claims Tribunal.

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