Random Finds Randomly 1

Posted on 3 Dec, 2012 | Play Magazine

Take a walk around your neighbourhood some day; you may be surprised by what you can find in that corner you may have forgotten about.

Just take a look at what we found:

We know Angry Bird is the craze these days, Angry Bird cable car, Angry Bird ang pows, Angry Bird theme park, and the list goes on…… But look, Angry Bird Fish Cakes!! Aren't they cute! They made my day when I spotted them (Ya, ya, ya, you people must be thinking what a simple person I am, Angry Bird Fish Cakes can make my day. I LIKE! Ha!)

A sleeping cat can be spotted anywhere. But this cute little thing didn’t even budge when I inched up close to take a snap. So I didn’t let it off either (Meaning I took loads of photos, not those evil thoughts that you people are thinking about!)

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) may put many people off. But look again, those beautiful wooden rows of drawers, aren't they gorgeous? Maybe, just maybe, I can have these drawers in my house, minus the herbs of course. I can put lots of things in them, small bottles of toiletries, tools like screwdrivers, nails and etc, stationeries, bottles of medicine that I always have on hand………….

So the next time you walk pass your neighbourhood, turn that corner that you have not ventured in for a long time. Who knows, you may find something unexpected.

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