Revisiting 7 Parks in Singapore

Posted on 22 Mar, 2012 | Play Magazine


1 East Coast Beach Park

This park offers a wide array of outdoor and recreation activities and facilities geared for the family. Be it food, recreation, entertainment and sports, East Coast Park caters to everybody’s needs.
  • Location            East
  • Distinction        Largest park in Singapore
  • Facilities: Event Lawns, Large open spaces, wifi services, Fitness stations (areas B, C, E, O), BBQ pits, 12km Cycling track, 15km Jogging track, Rentals: bicycle and inline skates; Restrooms /Toilets (with/without shower), Water sports, Tennis courts, Ponds, Foot Reflexology footpaths, Bowling alleys, Holiday chalets, Camp sites., Golf driving ranges, Restaurants and hawker centres, fishing jetty. 
  • Activities: Bird watching, BBQ, Inline skating, Cycling, Camping, Fishing, Wellness: Exercising, Tai Chi, Water sports, Hiking, Kite flying, Tennis, Bowling, Dining & Picnics
  • Tranquil Activities Sit back and let the cool sea breeze and the sounds of waves ease your troubles away. This reclaimed land offers. • Picnics with your family and friends.
    Birdwatching. With bird sanctuaries, you get to spot some very rare species of birds
  •  Adrenalin Rush: Water sports by the sailing club and the Peoples’ Association (PA) that include Dragon-boating, Kayaking,Wakeboarding, Remote control sailboat, Power boating, Boating.
  • Popular spots: Coast Marine Cove , Big Splash @ East Coast Parkway , East Coast Lagoon, now Singapore's First Cable Ski Park (Ski360), Costa Sands Resort (East Coast Chalet), Bedok Jetty
MacRitchie Reservoir & Park
Forests in the southern area of the Mac Ritchie Park are mature 90-year-old secondary forest with some patches of primary forest. Built in the 1860s, the park was a plantation area. The forest was declared a protected to serve as a water catchment reservoir.
The forest has a wide diversity of animal species, including endangered creatures, such as the Lesser Mousedeer, the Malayan Pangolin (scaly anteater) and the Flying Lemur. Spot forest birds such as babblers, barbets, cuckoos, flowerpeckers and sunbirds. The more open sunny areas offer great butterfly watching. 
Distinction Singapore's First Nature Reservoir with 2,000-hectares 
Facilities: Boardwalk, Observation Tower 
Activities: Hiking, Trekking, Birdwatching, Butterfly watching, Jogging, Nature walks, Wellness: Exercising, Meditation, Yoga
Dont’s: Dogs and bicycles are prohibited in the nature reserve.
Trails. With six-km of boardwalks at MacRitchie, exploring the forest has never been easier. The boardwalks are found along the edges of the reservoir as well as in the forest interior. First-timers are advised to go with someone who knows the trail. 
Lower Peirce Trail (1km) is a short forest boardwalk that runs from the far side of Lower Peirce Reservoir Park to two exits on Old Upper Thomson Road. 
SBS bus No. 167 goes to nearby Upper Thomson Road, from Shenton Way and Orchard Road. 
MacRitchie Trail (3km) runs through the forest from the Westlake Garden entrance of MacRitchie Reservoir Park (beside the Little Sisters of the Poor) to the service road of Singapore Island Country Club at Island Club Road.
Jogging Trail runs from the waterfront on the carpark side of MacRitchie Reservoir Park through the forest parallel to Lornie Road. 
HSBC Tree Top Walk A four to five hour walk that runs from three to 11 kms, this trail is best for the fit, the more adventurous fit and are not acrophobic. Those who desire to trek into the far edges of MacRitche are rewarded with a spectacular view of the rainforest canopy and diverse animals that live there.
Popular Spots. The highlight of the trails is this 250m long and 27 metres high Suspension Bridge that connects the two highest points, Bukit Pierce and Bukit Kalang. Bridge traffic is only one-way, with a maximum capacity of 30 pax.  While on the bridge, you get a peek at plants and animals that live on the canopy while at eye level you will get to see the high life of the forest. 
The Jelutong Tower is an observation post of 20m in height that offers a bird's eye view of the forest and part of the reservoir's edge. This tower can be reached after walking through Golf Link. 
Other trails run through the forest, and one can hike either all around MacRitchie Reservoir or from MacRitchie to Bukit Timah Hill. 
Punggol Park
This park has many facilities to suit the young and old. The play and fitness equipment is for active recreation, open lawn areas for picnics or kite-flying, a wooded area for leisurely strolls, a plaza area for tai-chi and a community corner for relaxing can be enjoyed by the public
Divided into two zones, the park has the Southern Active Zone that caters to fast activities and the densely forested area of the Northern Zone which caters to passive forms of recreation.   
Location North East
Disctinction Family Leisure theme
Facilities: Pond, 1.3km Jogging track, Children playground, Fitness stations,  Restaurant/Cafe, Restrooms, Shelters, BBQ pits, Open Lawn areas
Activities: Inline skating, Fishing, Jogging, Cycling, Wellness: Exercising & Tai chi, Kite-flying, Sailing & Boat rides, Dining & Picnics, BBQ, Running
Pasir Ris Park
This 71-hectare coastal park includes a six-hectare mangrove swamp connected by boardwalks making it easy for visitors to appreciate the rich flora and fauna of the mangrove forest. 
Swamps inhabitants include, mud-skippers, mud crabs and mangrove trees. Bird watchers get to view birds perched on tree branches from the Observatory Tower.
Location East
Distinction Preserved 6-ha mangrove swamp
Facilities: Boardwalks, 3-storey high Observatory Tower, 4-ha Children’s Playground, Fitness stations, 74 BBQ pits, Restaurants, Amphitheatre, Restrooms/changing rooms, Rentals: bicycles and skates, Resort Accommodations, Woodball court.
Activities: Water sports, Swimming, Fishing, BBQ, Bird watching, Mangrove Tour, Inline skating, Cycling, Jogging, Camping, Wellness, Exercise, Nature Walk, Recreational Contests, concerts & Performances, Dining and Picnics, Pony riding, Beach Volleyball, Sand castle building, Woodball.
Tranquil Activities. Picnics and Dining by the sandy beach is popular here. You either barbeque your seafood on the many barbeque pits or dine and have a taste of Western dishes. To cap the day, stay overnight and camp out. Stargaze and be lulled into sleep by sound of waves gently crashing to the shore. 
Adrenalin Rush. Children love the giant space-net, cableways, innovative play stations and a maze garden. This park also offers cycling inline skating and water sports for those searching for an adrenaline rush. 
Popular Spots: Pony feeding, rides and lessons at the Gallop Stable. 
5 Bedok Reservoir Park
Bedok Reservoir Park is a new and water-based activity area with regular races conducted in the reservoir. Developed around the picturesque and serene Bedok Reservoir, this park is popular for jogging.
Location East
Distinction Regular water races
Facilities: Floating Deck, Cycling track, Children's Playground, Fitness stations, Fishing jetty, Jogging Path/Running track, , Restroom/Toilets (with/without shower), Shelters, Event Lawn.
Activities: Jogging, Water sports (dragon boating, kayaking, sailing, windsurfing, powerboating), Inline skating, Fishing, Cross-country Running, Aerial Tree Obstacle Course, Cycling, Dining & Picnics, Nature Walks.
Popular Spots
Floating Deck is about 200m long with 3 numbers of 2m wide link-bridges each of about 20m long to link the floating deck to the shore. The floating deck can take a maximum of about 254 persons.
Forest Adventure is for both kids and adults who wish to swing from tree to tree.
PA Water venture offers you exciting ways to get wet with dragon boating, kayaking, sailing, windsurfing, powerboating. Rentals, lessons and teams are all available.
Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
Established in 1883, Bukit Timah is one of the first forest reserves in Singapore and one of the oldest botanical collection grounds. This park contains Singapore’s highest hill which stands at 163.63 metres
The park contains the only remaining primary rainforest in Singapore. The park’s forest is more than a century old. The first known specimens of many species of Malayan plants were obtained from this park. The park is said to be home to more than 840 flowering plants and over 500 species of animals (including butterflies).
Location                           West 
Distinction                       Singapore’s highest hill & retains the only remaining primary rainforest in Singapore. 
Facilities; Visitor Centre, Restrooms/Toilets, Telephone, Souvenir shop
Activities: Hiking, Cycling, Bird watching, Nature Walks, Guided tours, Wellness: Exercises & Work out
For hikers, the forest exploration begins at the Visitor Centre, with an orientation on the native flora and fauna found in park. 
Wear comfortable walking shoes and light clothing. Bring a backpack, water bottle and insect repellent.
Keep to designated trails and roads. 
Move quietly and carefully to catch a glimpse of native animals. 
Seek assistance from Rangers, Officers and Nature Wardens. 
1. Open fires and camping are prohibited.
2. Hikers are advised not to use the biking trail for hiking.
3. Dogs, pets or other non-native animals are not allowed.
4. Feeding any animal is not allowed. 
5. All the streams and other water bodies not to be polluted. Washing in them is not allowed.
6. For cyclists, avoid riding at high speeds and remember to wear protective gear.
7 Fort Canning Hill Park 
This is a 19-ha "hill of history" that was established in 1819. The park holds sway as the keeper of the ancient tomb of the last Malay King. The park also has other historical attractions like the Fort Gate, the Gothic Archway and the underground operations rooms (bunkers) of the Far East Command Centre.  
Location: Central
Distinction: Old name is Central Park; former residence of Sir Stamford Raffles
Facilities: Toilets/Restrooms, Shelters, Amphitheatre, Country Club, 
Activities: Concerts & Performances, Nature Walks, Jogging, Running, History Trail 
Popular Spots
The Legends is the city's only country club in the park, the Fort Canning Country Club. The historical building was the former Singapore Command and Staff College. 
Spice Garden is a landscaping attraction that is a replica of Sir Raffles' experimental and botanical garden. Spices available are clove and cinnamon. 
Fort Canning Centre is 65-year old restored military barracks that is the venue of major cultural performances. It is also the residence for Singapore's modern performing arts companies, Singapore Dance Theatre and Theatreworks

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