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Posted on 29 May, 2012 | Shop Magazine

Ever heard of the learning principle of positive reinforcement? It's simple and it works not only on humans but on dogs as well. Actually, the entire theory was based experiments using dogs not humans. I think if Pavlov, the scientist who penned it could be alive today, for sure he would endorse this Woofy! toy that is out in the market.

Woofy! is a great way to mentally challenge your dog. This toy stimulates your dog to “solve” the problem, by getting the dog either to slide or lift the flaps in order to find the food. Woofy!, which comes in two shapes, bone or disk, is made of sturdy wood, and can withstand the normal pawing and numerous hours of chewing.   
With most dogs in Singapore cooped up in flats, not only will this toy help boost your dog’s intellectual capacity through play, but it will also help lessen the onset of boredom. Glenn Choo, the direct importer of this IQ toy assures us that Woofy! also helps prevent destructive behaviour.  “Aside from the usual balls and frisbee, Woofy! is a good bonding activity for the dog and owner.” 
                   Promo Price:   Woofy! Bone   S$35                  
                                            Woofy! Disk  S$39
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Urban Pooch Pet Café (regular prices)
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