When a Lemon is not a Lemon

Posted on 7 Jun, 2012 | Eat Magazine

When you go shopping for oranges, lemons or limes, how do you choose? Do you go by its aroma? Or is it the sheen or its deep color?

In whatever ways we choose our fruits, we go for both senses. It is the mix of visual and fragrant clues that reign supreme as we go about determining the food we take in. But what if these clues fail us? what if we end up with lemons? But what is a lemon?

This idiom goes back to the olden times, some say in the 1800s, when sweet stuff are the things to give and share during winter and Christmas time. But at times people get duped and come home from with tart lemons instead of the sweet oranges.  

People started using  'lemons' to describe or refer to anything that was defective or broken. Lemons are failures as they don't work or they lag behind your expectations.  "My car is a lemon" which means that it breaks down frequently and constantly needs repairs.  As it is lemons are not usually eaten straight because they are so sour. Adding sugar and water makes them palatable -- meaning repair. 

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