Revisiting 7 Parks in Singapore

Posted on 22 Mar, 2012 | Play Magazine


1 East Coast Beach Park

This park offers a wide array of outdoor and recreation activities and facilities geared for the family. Be it food, recreation, entertainment and sports, East Coast Park caters to everybody’s needs.
  • Location            East
  • Distinction        Largest park in Singapore
  • Facilities: Event Lawns, Large open spaces, wifi services, Fitness stations (areas B, C, E, O), BBQ pits, 12km Cycling track, 15km Jogging track, Rentals: bicycle and inline skates; Restrooms /Toilets (with/without shower), Water sports, Tennis courts, Ponds, Foot Reflexology...

Manic over Marathons

Posted on 10 Mar, 2012 | Play Magazine

Have you ever wondered if you can go for a marathon run?

Various marathons are happening all over Singapore. Each year, the calendar is filled with an average of four to five in a month with the highest number of races bunching up in the last two quarters of the year.  While most races begin and end in the East Coast, several organisers are venturing out to new areas like Mandai in the west.  
While competitive runners have different motivations why they keep running, all agree that the habit is a wonderful way of experiencing the heartlands with an added twist of being in the streets and byways at break neck speed. A terrific way...

Heartland Dating Ideas for under $30

Posted on 11 Feb, 2012 | Play Magazine


Who says romance is expensive? There is no excuse for Valentines to be missed. Grab your date, wish for a great weather and be adventurous. Be imaginative and break that typical date routine.

Go beyond movies and dinner. If you are ready to try out something new here's 6 date ideas for under $30.

1. Go Kayaking

If your spouse, special someone or girlfriend can swim and is game to trying something wet and unexpected, then a canoe ride can be a memorable experience. Part of the fun is seeing your partner paddle with you in perfect harmony. Before before heading out and renting a canoe, do check for good...

Spotting red flags with online scams

Posted on 10 Feb, 2012 | Play Magazine


Online scams are on the rise in Singapore as more and more facets of living get wired. Not only is online shopping getting tainted with scams, another area that where people are duped is when the go on the quest for true love. When you try going digital in the quest for love, be ready to enter a battle field. If in case you have decided to explore online dating then better arm yourself with ways of spotting a scammer right off the bat as dating websites cannot truly prevent scammers from availing of its...

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