Adorn your Skin with Henna Art

Posted on 1 Jun, 2012 | Shop Magazine

The art of applying henna on your hands, arms, feet and toes is readily available here in Singapore.  Artists abound and are not confined to Little India.

I came across one during a corporate event of a friend who was works in telecoms. I was surprised that she wasn’t Indian. Not that the skill need to be limited to one race. It was one of things that I naturally associated with Indian weddings and assumed that most henna artists were of Indian descent. Totally wrong.

Henna art as a traditional art form meant for celebrations is a fairly common offering during parties and family gatherings here in Singapore.  Women enhance...

Toys for the Smart Dogs

Posted on 29 May, 2012 | Shop Magazine

Ever heard of the learning principle of positive reinforcement? It's simple and it works not only on humans but on dogs as well. Actually, the entire theory was based experiments using dogs not humans. I think if Pavlov, the scientist who penned it could be alive today, for sure he would endorse this Woofy! toy that is out in the market.

Woofy! is a great way to mentally challenge your dog. This toy stimulates your dog to “solve” the problem, by getting the dog either to slide or lift the flaps...

Keeping the Lemons in the Kitchen

Posted on 28 May, 2012 | Shop Magazine

The Lemon Law is here to stay and hopefully revisions to the relevant laws can ensure lemons do stay in kitchens. By September 1 when the Lemon Law starts to take effect, remember as a consumer, you have four ways of dealing with your retailer after buying a defective item. Remember the 4 R's of Lemon: Repair, Replace, Reduce -- and the last resort Refund.

Within six months of buying the item, you can claim for the item first to be repaired. If this is not applicable or does not work, the next recourse is Replace. Retailers...

Roses from Shopping Bags

Posted on 22 May, 2012 | Shop Magazine

Ever had that time when you need a bright corsage to spruce up a plain top? No need to rush out and buy. What better way than make your own paper/plastic roses. Origami Instructor Lilyian Lee teaches shows us in 8 steps how to make a rose from a plastic shopping bag.  

Step 1                                                                               Step 2


Bookworms Keep the Earth Green

Posted on 5 Apr, 2012 | Shop Magazine


Doing their part to keep Earth  green, we have a zealous couple who have imbued their business with eco-friendly strategies. For these book entrepreneurs, doing theirs and their customers' part to help the planet sustainable is not just confined to the 3R’s : re-use, reduce and recycle

On its 20th year, Pro-Saint Book Store has been balancing their books and keeping a bevy of bookworms happy with its book rental scheme. For every book sold, the reader has the option to return the book and get a refund.

A brand new paperback novel "The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo" by Stieg Larsson which sells for...

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