Charmed Moments

Posted on 28 Mar, 2012 | Shop Magazine
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When it comes to making sure kids stay within your party grounds and not wander off into the inner recesses of your kitchen or bedroom, you may rely on professionals who know how to enthrall a very short attention span of a bratty 5 year-old. Call on the powers of enchantment. 
Kintetic Gal...

Goji berries: Secret to Strong Body, Long Life and Sharp Eyes

Posted on 27 Mar, 2012 | Eat Magazine


Goji, or Wolfberry


Tips and Tricks on Running

Posted on 24 Mar, 2012 | Play Magazine
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Under  Singapore’s hot and humid weather it easy to have a heat injury, that is why it is critical that you drink before, during and after a race, to replace fluids you lost.  Several runners from Bedok and Chai Chee share this tip, and more. 
Prepping for the Race
  1. Train for at least 8 weeks before the run. If you cannot train at least 4 times a week, start training...

Wife Biscuit, a love story

Posted on 24 Mar, 2012 | Eat Magazine
This ubiquitous looking biscuit you often bypass for that sugar-topped chocolate roll has quite a legend to its name. A tale of love. 
Labeled as wife biscuit, I asked myself if by some magic I eat some and find myself a wife to someone by morning the next day. Do I become I wife? Why the name? So I  trotted down to the nearest bakeshop in my Ang Mo Kio (Cheng San Market and Cooked Food Centre) neighborhood and asked the auntie if knows wife cakes are called such.
The round flaky skin...

Have a Pinata, Have a Party

Posted on 22 Mar, 2012 | Shop Magazine


Are you planning to hold a children’s party soon? No need to dread it as there are some very good service providers as well as supply stores that will make life easier for you before, during  and after the party. Like every event planner, you dread having to look for people who can help you create that ambience you want to achieve. Worry no more.

One great find in Holland Village is this store that supplies you with everything you will ever need for your...

Revisiting 7 Parks in Singapore

Posted on 22 Mar, 2012 | Play Magazine


1 East Coast Beach Park

This park offers a wide array of outdoor and recreation activities and facilities geared for the family. Be it food, recreation, entertainment and sports, East Coast Park caters to everybody’s needs.
  • Location            East
  • Distinction        Largest park in Singapore
  • Facilities: Event Lawns, Large open spaces, wifi services, Fitness stations (areas B, C, E, O), BBQ pits, 12km Cycling track, 15km Jogging track, Rentals: bicycle and inline skates; Restrooms /Toilets (with/without shower), Water sports, Tennis courts, Ponds, Foot Reflexology...

Choosing a pet for your child

Posted on 20 Mar, 2012 | Shop Magazine

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 At some point as a parent you will encounter this junction with your child, whether a boy or a girl, requesting a pet of his/her own. Taking on the care of an animal can teach a child how to be responsible and be aware of the needs of others. Having a pet is a live-in nature lesson.

Some kids are ready for the big real pets, like rabbits, dogs, and cats. they are more prepared mainly because they grew up having them around. While some kids are not as lucky and...

Yogurt, a healthy snack

Posted on 18 Mar, 2012 | Eat Magazine

Are you craving for a snack? But you need to keep your waistlines slim? You can have both by grabbing a dairy with a low GI. Not only are dairy products good sources of calcium to keep your teeth and bones strong, experts say they absorb sugar slowly and does not lead you to overeat. 

Clinical dietician Ms Rehana Wahid from Gleneagles Hospital says, "Spreading out the meals and incorporating low GI meal options, such as a serving of yogurt, ensures a constant spread of energy throughout the day and prevents bingeing.” Glycaemic index (GI) refers to how quickly our bodies react to food as...

Manic over Marathons

Posted on 10 Mar, 2012 | Play Magazine

Have you ever wondered if you can go for a marathon run?

Various marathons are happening all over Singapore. Each year, the calendar is filled with an average of four to five in a month with the highest number of races bunching up in the last two quarters of the year.  While most races begin and end in the East Coast, several organisers are venturing out to new areas like Mandai in the west.  
While competitive runners have different motivations why they keep running, all agree that the habit is a wonderful way of experiencing the heartlands with an added twist of being in the streets and byways at break neck speed. A terrific way...

Enjoying a Cuppa? Know your brew lingo

Posted on 5 Mar, 2012 | Eat Magazine
For an instant perk-me-up, Singaporeans head to the coffeeshop (kopitiam). But what may be a casual way of getting your buzz, can be a quite confusing for the uninitiated. Mumbling latte or frappocino just won't work on kopi  (coffee) Auntie/Uncle. How to enjoy a cup of brew the heartland way? Just go over the kopi jargon and order your cuppa.
Across kopitiams in Singapore, the norm is coffee served with a liberal amount of condensed milk. If you want to make any changes, you need to add more words to your order. Know your...

Sweetness and Warmth in a Bowl

Posted on 2 Mar, 2012 | Eat Magazine

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Singaporeans call this dessert of glutinous rice balls with two names, either as Ah Balling or Tang Yuan. Chinese definitely in origins, this dessert is the staple dish for at least two Chinese festivals -- Winter Solstice/Dongzhi (December 23) & Yuan Xiao, the 15th day of the Chinese New Year (January 06).  

Traditionally served on the last day of winter, marking the days ahead as having more sunlight and thus having more positive energy, Tang Yuan symbolizes a better tomorrow. Feasting on a bowl of...

Going Loco with Choco

Posted on 2 Mar, 2012 | Shop Magazine

Do you know why giving chocolates for your sweetheart is so popular?

Eating chocolate affects us so much, because it causes our brain to release certain bio-chemicals known as neurotransmitters that create a feel-good mood. Happy neurotransmitters called endorphins help reduce stress and lead to feelings of euphoria. As more chocolates are eaten, the levels of endorphins released into the brain increases, making chocolate our comfort food. We feel less pain and and this lowers our stress levels.

Apart from releasing endorphins, chocolates, which also contain tryptophan, triggers the release of another common neurotransmitter serotonin, an anti-depressant.

Chocolates is associated with...