Toys for the Smart Dogs

Posted on 29 May, 2012 | Shop Magazine

Ever heard of the learning principle of positive reinforcement? It's simple and it works not only on humans but on dogs as well. Actually, the entire theory was based experiments using dogs not humans. I think if Pavlov, the scientist who penned it could be alive today, for sure he would endorse this Woofy! toy that is out in the market.

Woofy! is a great way to mentally challenge your dog. This toy stimulates your dog to “solve” the problem, by getting the dog either to slide or lift the flaps...

Keeping the Lemons in the Kitchen

Posted on 28 May, 2012 | Shop Magazine

The Lemon Law is here to stay and hopefully revisions to the relevant laws can ensure lemons do stay in kitchens. By September 1 when the Lemon Law starts to take effect, remember as a consumer, you have four ways of dealing with your retailer after buying a defective item. Remember the 4 R's of Lemon: Repair, Replace, Reduce -- and the last resort Refund.

Within six months of buying the item, you can claim for the item first to be repaired. If this is not applicable or does not work, the next recourse is Replace. Retailers...

The Art of Charming Snakes

Posted on 27 May, 2012 | Play Magazine

They come slithering from under the bush, or an overhanging tree but whichever hiding place they emerge from for sure, seeing a live snake often evokes fear and paralysis. Just what can you do when your eyeball to eyeball with one?

But all this instinctive reaction just vanishes when you see a snake charmer in action. A common street entertainment in India, Singapore being a multi-racial melting pot has its own motley bunch of snake charmers from Malaysia and India. At some point of their lives, they were exposed to the risky activity of catching snakes and "domesticating" them. Of course snakes being reptiles, could never be tamed, somehow snake charmers...

A Complete Directory of Hawker Centres Singapore

Posted on 24 May, 2012 | Eat Magazine

Friends from overseas would often drop by for a a couple of hours' layover or some may even purposely stay on in Singapore on a buying spree, and most often than not you are faced with the dilemma of which hawker centre to bring your friends to for that genuinely Singapore experience. 

At a loss? Our team has painstakingly visited all the hawker centres and have jotted down each cooked food stall. On our Directory Page you get to skim through the list of your favorite stall. If you just remember the hawker centre, you can search according to the stall names. As it is, the...

Roses from Shopping Bags

Posted on 22 May, 2012 | Shop Magazine

Ever had that time when you need a bright corsage to spruce up a plain top? No need to rush out and buy. What better way than make your own paper/plastic roses. Origami Instructor Lilyian Lee teaches shows us in 8 steps how to make a rose from a plastic shopping bag.  

Step 1                                                                               Step 2


Are you into Street Photography?

Posted on 15 May, 2012 | Play Magazine

Do you fancy going out in the streets  and chasing fleeting moments? Is lugging around your DSLR camera on your neck your cup of tea? Are you fearless enough to go out in the fierce heat of the sun, under a downpour and even upon an abrasive subject?  Head on to street photography!

While there are a wide array of specializations in photography, what I think is the most gut wrenching would always be street photography as it smacks of street journalism. Every shot you take is a combination of a sheer tenacity, luck and photography skills. You don’t control your room, your lights,...